raikou shiny

Umbreon Pokedoll for auction

Sales permission granted by denkimouse.

-> Rules
o No sniping or retracting bids.
o Bid in increments of $1 or more.
o Paypal only. All prices are in USD.
o Shipping from Europe. I ship worldwide.
o Shipping cost for USA is 6USD, for Europe is 4USD.
o Payment must be made in 3 days after the purchase.
o I can trade vs Absol lottery plush Banpresto.

Umbreon Pokedoll 2008 Japanese version in Minky. Perfect condition with all tags (hand tag is untied).

Thank you and good luck. ^_^
raikou shiny

Pokémon Want List

If you possess one of these items, sending me a private message. I can trade or buy. Thank you! ;)


- Raikou  :

- All in pics (no red cross)
- Customs Plushs and Figures

- Luxray :

- All in pics (no red cross)
- Customs Plushs and Figures

Absol :

- All in pic (no red cross)
- Card : Absol Prime / Great - In english/french or japanese
- Customs Plushs
Pictures from : Happyjolteon, Sacred Field, Rentorer and Fenrchu.Thank You !

Serperior :
- Keskipoké Serperior 2011
- Serperior Kids 2011

Plushs :

- Shiny / Red Gyarados Plush Pokemon Center - Big Want !
- Pokedoll : Swampert, Blaziken, Salamence, Charizard
- MyPokemonCollection plush (Banpresto) : Snivy

Zukan Figures :
- Giratina Origine Form - Giratina Another Form (first relaved)
- Espeon, Umbreon and Eevee
- Flygon line

Kids & Others figures :
- Chuppa Surprise Glaceon
- Chuppa Surprise Leafeon

Customs :
- Flygon / Garchomp / Rayquaza / Milotic / Serperior / Braviary / Druddigon / Haxorus Shiny and Regular Plush